Two - Way Action Of The Drum - Type Shock Absorber

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Two-way tube-type shock absorber working principle Description: In the compression stroke, refers to the car wheel moving closer to the body, the shock absorber is compressed, this time the shock absorber piston down. The volume of the piston chamber is reduced, the oil pressure is increased, and the oil flows through the flow valve to the chamber (upper chamber) above the piston. The upper chamber is occupied by the piston rod part of the space, so the upper chamber to increase the volume is less than the lower chamber to reduce the volume, part of the oil then push the compression valve, flow back to the storage tank. These valves are economical to form a suspension by the damping force of the compression movement. Shock absorber in the stretch stroke, the wheel is equivalent to away from the body, shock absorber by stretching. The piston of the shock absorber moves upwards. Piston upper chamber oil pressure, the flow valve closed, the upper cavity of the oil pushed out of the extension valve into the lower chamber. Due to the presence of the piston rod, the fluid flowing from the upper chamber is insufficient to fill the increased volume of the lower chamber, and the main chamber is made to have a degree of vacuum, and the oil in the reservoir is pushed into the lower chamber supplement. Because of the throttle effect of these valves, the suspension acts as a damping effect on the extension movement.

As the stiffness and preload of the tension valve are designed to be greater than that of the compression valve, the sum of the channel load areas of the extension valve and the corresponding normally common gap is less than the sum of the cross-sectional area of the compression valve and the corresponding normally open channel under the same pressure. Which makes the shock absorber extension of the damping force generated greater than the compression stroke of the damping force, to achieve rapid shock absorption requirements.