Summer Fuel Consumption Suddenly Increased? The Culprit Is Definitely It!

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Open air conditioning costs each owner of the car must have deep experience, do not have my words. But the specific cost of how much the impact on the power and how much, why summer air conditioning than other seasons more cost of oil? Understand how to save fuel after? Today, by the master speaking, on the air conditioning "fee oil" that thing.

Open air conditioning why pay oil?

The entire refrigeration process of the air conditioning system is through the air conditioning system in the refrigeration liquid gasification, liquefaction and then gasification, absorb the heat in the air, to create a cold air blowing from the airway.

The whole cooling process is easy to say, in fact, need a lot of energy to let it run, where the energy from? Nature is the engine of the energy source of the car. The "engine" air conditioning compressor in the air conditioning system is connected to the engine through the belt, thus using the power provided by the engine, which is more natural.

How much engine power can air conditioning compressors consume?

Many people on the Internet given the answer is "10 percent", the master that the answer is not very accurate, because the model between the air conditioning compressor power gap is not large, the market common air conditioning compressor power in about 2-4 Kilowatts, and the power gap between the various models is sometimes very large, a home scooter's maximum power is often less than 100 kilowatts, and a sports performance of the maximum power of 200 kilowatts are more than. So how much impact on the power, or depends on your car engine power how, that is, the greater your horsepower, the impact of air conditioning on the smaller power, and vice versa is greater.

Why summer air conditioning more fuel?

Because the higher the temperature, the greater the humidity, the higher the fuel consumption of automotive air conditioning. For example, when the temperature is 20 ℃, the humidity is 50%, people are more comfortable state, fuel consumption than air conditioning increased by 10%. But if the humidity turned times, into 100%, that is not the water will evaporate, sweat will not evaporate out, the water is in the car glass edge, the walls are small drops of water will drop this humidity. This time driving air conditioning, its fuel consumption is less than 20% more than. You have seen a difference of twice, a 10%, a 20%. Let's assume that the temperature turns it over, 20 ° C to 40 ° C, and then the humidity is doubled, 50% to 100%, then the fuel consumption in this case may increase by up to 30%.

Accurate, open air conditioning will be much more fuel consumption?

Why open air conditioning fee? In fact, in the end is to open the air conditioning will affect the engine power, if you want to achieve the target speed, then the throttle on the need to step deeper than usual, so that fuel consumption will certainly be greater, the specific cost of how much oil? You can according to your compressor power than your engine maximum power, for example, your car's engine maximum power is 100, air conditioning compressor power is 10, the average daily fuel consumption is 10L, then you open the air conditioning after the fuel consumption may One-tenth of the daily fuel consumption, which is 11L.

In the face of increased fuel consumption, how can we save fuel? What are some fuel-saving errors?

Thrift as one of the traditional virtues of our country, is naturally worthy of sung, and want to save money and save money is naturally nothing wrong, but as long as the real effective way to save fuel like those who look fuel-efficient, but in fact not fuel-efficient way to know The grip to get rid of.

Fuel-efficient approach: to develop good driving habits

Summer air conditioning is inevitable, after all, the car is a service, so hot days, do not because of a few oil money to ride the body, and if you really want to save fuel, to maintain good driving habits, so do not drive , The same can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption errors: air conditioning wind speed and fuel consumption has nothing to do

Some friends in order to save, often the air conditioning air volume to a minimum, that this will reduce the fuel consumption, but in fact control air conditioning and air conditioning cooling is actually two sets of systems, air conditioning air volume is not controlled by the air conditioning compressor, The energy consumed by the fan is nothing but the power of rotation that nothing, what will not impact on fuel consumption.