Summer vehicle disease prevention

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Summer hot weather, people in such a temperature, it is easy to heat stroke. And the car is the same, some frequently used or heavy load of the system device is also prone to failure, then the maintenance of the car is very important, and the summer high temperature and humidity, the maintenance of the car and other seasons is different, so Owners of the summer car maintenance tips must know Oh, beware of the car in the summer heat stroke!

First to prevent spontaneous combustion. It is understood that a variety of reasons for spontaneous combustion, are generally oil, circuit and car modified parts damage caused by the most common cause of spontaneous combustion of the car is short-circuit. To prevent the car spontaneous combustion, the method is also very simple, the most basic way is to regularly do the car maintenance, check the engine, circuit and oil, to see whether the aging and oil spill; but also to minimize the installation or modification, The burden of electronic circuits.

Followed by anti-puncture tire. Due to the high temperature in summer, if the tire quality, but off or their tire pressure is too high, the tire gas expansion will lead to puncture. Therefore, the proposed owners will be reduced tire pressure 10%, in addition, the owner can also inject nitrogen for the tire, because nitrogen is an inert gas, can reduce the risk of puncture. Of course, the owner in this season to pay attention to the maintenance of the tire, if found to be damaged, should be promptly repaired or replaced.

Again to prevent water. High temperature weather traffic, water evaporation within the tank to speed up, always pay attention to check the cooling water, pay attention to water temperature table. Found that when the water to stop immediately, but not immediately add water, but should wait for the idle operation after cooling and then add water, and do not immediately open the radiator cover, to prevent being burned.

In addition to anti-air resistance. As the summer temperature is high, the cooling speed is limited, the car driving on the way slow, high engine speed, cooling difficulties, prone to driving "air resistance", and sometimes the engine a few minutes to stop a few minutes to start, so that the supply of oil interrupt, Air resistance, the driver should immediately stop cooling, troubleshooting. If your car is hydraulic brake, driving at high temperature and high speed, brake fluid prone to air "air resistance", making the brake suddenly failed to cause accidents.