Which auto parts are 3C certified

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Auto parts production license and "3C" certification investigation and punishment

 First, the implementation of production license: product name registration unit

1, motor vehicle brake fluid JG3; JG4; JG5

2, friction material automotive disc brake lining automotive drum brake lining car clutch clutch motorcycle and light motorcycle brake shoe assembly work (agricultural) is also mechanical (brake belt, brake pads, Clutch plate)

3, car V belt edge V belt; trimming V belt

Second, the implementation of "3C" certification:

1, cars: in the road and the city road on the M, N, O class vehicles

2, the motorcycle: the engine displacement of more than 500CC or the maximum design speed of more than 50KM / H motorcycle

3, automobile and motorcycle parts: car seat belts, motorcycle engines

4, motor vehicle tires (cars, motorcycles)

5, car safety glass (A-type laminated glass, B-type laminated glass, regional tempered glass, tempered glass)

6, the product (headlamps, turn lights; car front lights / rear lights / brake lights / visual lights, fog lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, parking lights, side lights and after the license Motor vehicle reflector, car drive recorder, body reflective logo, car brake hose, motor vehicle rearview mirror, motor vehicle horn, car fuel tank, door lock and Door hinges, interior materials, seats and head restraints.