Structural angle division of shock absorber

- Feb 25, 2018-

The structure of the shock absorber is a piston rod inserted into the cylinder and filled with oil in the cylinder. A throttle has a throttle on the piston so that the oil in the two parts of the space separated by the piston can complement each other. The damping force is produced when the viscous oil passes through the throttle hole. The smaller the throttle hole is, the greater the damping force, the greater the viscosity of the oil and the greater the damping force. If the size of the throttle is constant, when the shock absorber works fast, the damping over the assembly affects the absorption of the shock. Therefore, to set up a disk-shaped valve spring at the exit orifice, when the pressure change when the valve is opened, orifice opening larger, smaller damping. Because the piston is bi-directional, there are plate spring valves on both sides of the piston called the compression valve and the extension valve.

According to its structure, the shock absorber is divided into two types: single cylinder and double cylinder. It can be further divided into 1. single cylinder pressure shock absorbers, 2. double cylinder oil pressure shock absorbers, and 3. double cylinder oil and gas shock absorbers.

Double cylinder

It means that there are two cylinders inside and outside the shock absorber, and the piston moves in the inner cylinder. Due to the entry and withdrawal of the piston rod, the volume of the oil in the inner cylinder increases and shrinks, so we need to exchange with the outer cylinder to maintain the balance of the oil in the inner cylinder. So there are four valves in the double cylinder shock absorber, that is, besides the two throttle valves on the piston mentioned above, there are also circulating valves and compensation valves that are arranged between the inner and outer cylinders. 

Single cylinder

Compared with the double cylinder, the single cylinder damper is simple in structure and reduces a set of valve system. It's in the cylinder

The lower part is equipped with a floating piston, which means that there is no piston rod to control its movement, and a closed air chamber is formed under the floating piston, which is filled with high pressure nitrogen. As mentioned above, the height change of the liquid surface caused by the piston rod in and out of the oil is automatically adapted to the floating piston. In addition to the above two types of shock absorbers, there are resistance adjustable shock absorbers. It can change the size of the throttle through external operation. Recently, the electronic control shock absorber is used as the standard equipment, and the driving state is detected by sensors. The best damping force is calculated by the computer, so that the damping mechanism on the shock absorber can work automatically.

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