Shock Absorber Refit 2

- Dec 08, 2017 -

After selecting the brand, you will have to face the problem of collocation. In the process of suspension modification, the most difficult problem is the combination of shock absorber and spring. If your car reduces the body more than 2 inches or the spring hardness increases by more than 20%, you must replace the shock absorber. A hard shock absorber and a hard spring should be matched with each other because the hardness of the spring is determined by the weight of the car, and the heavier car needs a harder shock absorber. So a shock absorber on a car or a high performance car is more hard than a normal car to match a hard spring. If the shock absorber is too soft, it will cause the body to swing up and down. If too hard, it will cause too much damping, so that the spring will not work properly, and it will cause the change of vehicle height when traveling. Because manufacturers of shock absorbers usually don't provide detailed technical information about their products, when you want to set up a car for suspension, you only have to constantly try to make mistakes.

But don't worry, the problem of collocation can be sent to the trouble shop that serves for you. It's the basic responsibility of a professional refitting shop to match the needs of the owner and the best suspension combination. It's also a basic interest of a customer. According to the experience, suspension road version is suitable for Taiwan road collocation is changeable, soft springs (of course is progressive), with adjustable shock absorber hard, supplement to the shock absorber spring strength hardness, and can freely adjust the damping, get high traffic adaptability.