Principle of shock absorber

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Transfer of body weight

The body weight transfer into the corner and corner (Weight Transfer) the speed will affect the control balance, this effect will continue until the weight transfer is complete, while the body weight transfer speed is controlled by changing the speed of shock absorber, shock absorber in the compression and stretching stroke can change body momentum transfer speed. The faster the weight transfer speed of the shock absorber, the faster the weight transfer, the faster the steering reaction of the car body.

When turning the steering wheel, the tire will generate a slip angle (Slip Angle), and then generate steering force. This force acts on the rolling center (Roll Center) and the center of gravity (Center of Gravity), and then leads to the weight transfer of the body, and the body produces scrolling (Roll). The curved outer steering force increased with the increase of transfer will slip angle and body weight of the car in the maximum steering force and complete weight transfer creates a corner position (Take a set), because the shock absorber control weight transfer speed, it will also affect the establishment of cornering speed position. Because the steering response is very important to control, so we hope to establish bending posture as soon as possible, but is not too fast, there must be time to allow the driver to feel a bent posture, and feel the ultimate traction, if the weight transfer too quickly will allow the driver to wait to feel close to, so set a a body weight transfer speed to make the driver feel hot limit, and the reaction is an important issue when the vehicle suspension set. We often say that the team will be in accordance with the different drivers have different set of vehicles, suspension system setting, due to different drivers driving skills and habits of different, to feel the speed to the reaction and reaction speed will be different, so need different suspension settings, give full play to the driver.