China's rise for auto parts manufacturing power

- Oct 12, 2017 -

China is turning manufacturing resources to the production of higher-end products, which has brought a lot of competitive pressure to a range of industries around the world, from the rapid rise of China's auto parts industry can feel this.

Just a few years ago, China's domestic auto parts also suffered from unreliable quality, and, with the United States and Germany-made accessories compared to higher prices. It was even asserted that the precision craftsmanship needed to produce the finest parts was inexperienced by Chinese enterprises and their low-cost labor force.

However, China's auto parts exports last year exceeded imports for the first time. The quality of Chinese domestic parts has made great progress, so that Volkswagen AG (Volkswagen AG), Daimler - Chrysler (DaimlerChrysler AG) and other Western auto giants have said that the next few years will be purchased from China billions of dollars in brakes, , Wheels, steering systems and other components.

These results show that the Chinese are moving to the high-end products of the manufacturing sector, and thus to the United States, Europe and Japan's competitors to bring new challenges. After a firm foothold in the field of simple consumer goods such as furniture and textiles, China quickly expanded its victories and gained dominance in labor-intensive areas such as computer assembly in the consumer electronics industry chain. China's appetite seems to be more than that, still continue to reach out to a wider area.