Auto parts industry characteristics

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Auto parts industry Following the development of the automotive industry, the development of the automotive industry is a barometer of the development of auto parts industry, and the automotive industry is a big part of China's economic system.

With the development of China's economic downturn, the Chinese people's pocket gradually drum up, the Chinese people's investment awareness is gradually from the sleeping in the wake of the longing for the rich life, change the status quo of poverty thirst for this sense into a strong impetus The Competition in various industries Because of the continuous influx of investment, the threshold is constantly pushing up, the risk continues to increase, under intense competition, the survival of the fittest to speed up the industry scale, high market share, a talent advantage, Technical advantages of the formation of enterprises to enhance the speed.

In this context of the environment, China's auto industry from a single type, a single brand, the lack of stage of development to the type, brand, grade diversification stage, driven auto parts market situation as a whole, the development of auto parts business to form a huge Opportunities and unprecedented challenges.

Auto parts industry and the automotive industry in foreign countries are traditional industries, after nearly a century of development, the formation of several fame outside the "world top 500". Such as "Michelin" "Bosch" "Shell" "Mobil" and so on.

China's auto parts industry after two decades of relatively closed development period, the formation of a number of medium-sized private and state-owned enterprises, but in the vast majority of areas, auto parts business and maintenance companies are still in the beginning, small-scale, low quality staff , The lack of technology stage. China's rapid economic development of the rapid development of auto parts, auto repair business opportunities, but also for the development of such enterprises to create a huge challenge and difficulties. One of the deepest aspects of the feeling is that with the influx of investment, intensified competition makes the initial stage of the anti-risk ability is still weak in such enterprises into a brutal price competition, further overdraft the future growth of space.

Auto parts industry is the capital and technology-intensive industries, capital and technology is the development of the extremely important threshold in the Chinese exam-oriented education to occupy the mainstream, ignoring vocational education and skilled workers a master with one or two apprentices of the slow cultivation of the background , The supply of technical personnel to become an insurmountable obstacles for each auto parts business. Most of the industry practitioners due to low levels of education, family economic capacity is limited, relatively rare choice and enter the industry. And the high degree of education into the industry practitioners can not be linked to the practical ability of practice, and low level of education practitioners more difficult to form a coordinated and effective cooperation, but also further constrained the efficiency of enterprise personnel. Enterprise development and expansion rate is slow.

Car development, new technologies, new concepts continue to emerge, and auto parts, repair industry, human development difficult. China's accession to the WTO industry to foreign investment, with capital and technical strength of foreign-funded enterprises will be invincible, invincible.